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Thank you for visiting our website where we would like to offer you our professional services. We do hope that the content of the website will express our business policy as the followings – at a competitive price we can guarantee a high quality service within a specified time.

Our company is always at the customer’s service with economical solutions and high quality projects considering the original conception and finishing them as scheduled. All the customers with no exception so far were satisfied with the quality of the finished projects and with those economical and technical solutions that describe our works.

Our main profile and activities: insulation of building–engineering elements, heat insulation also for blocks of flats, cold insulation works, insulation of air technical elements, sandwich panel covering, water proofing insulation of distillers and of other tanks for liquid.

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+36 30 251 74 37


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Székhely: 1181 Budapest, XVIII.,
Riesz Frigyes u. 13.
Iroda: 1186 Budapest, XVIII., Goroszló utca 5.

Tel.: +36 70 312 06 58
Fax: +36 1 290 08 82

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+36 30 251 74 37

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